• New for March 2017

    This month we’ve rolled out some great new features that help you manage your courses after a course author leaves your organization, provide additional features for your in-person events, and allow you to create time limits on completing your courses.

    Time Limits on Course Completion

    After a person registers for... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • New for February 2017

    This month we’ve got some exciting new features for admins and for those participating in in-person events.These particular features were all inspired by conversations we had with Learnexa subscribers, so please don’t be shy about letting us know what you think of our product!

    Print Certificates

    When your users pass... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • Sharing Files with Course Participants

    Learnexa’s Filebox feature allows a course author to share documents, videos, and other files with course participants.

    How to Share a File with Course Participants

    1) From ‘My Learning’, click the Filebox’s ‘plus’ sign, and select the file

    2) Extend the filebox by clicking on the "Filebox" title.

    3) Hover... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • Using Learnexa in Google Apps

    If your business or organization already uses Google Apps (for example Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Drive) under one domain name, then you can also add Learnexa as one of your Google Apps. Doing so makes it easier than ever for your team members to connect and log in to... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • Easy Login and Registration with the "Google Sign In" Button

    We often have to create and memorize complicated passwords for all of the different websites we use. Instead of trying to remember yet another password, your users who have a Google account have an option to log in automatically, without needing to memorize anything!

    All you, as an administrator, have... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • Creating Learnexa Accounts for Salesforce Users: Option 2

    If you’ve set up a Learnexa integration in Salesforce, you’ll need to decide how you want your Learnexa accounts to be created—in Salesforce, or in Learnexa. In our blog, ‘Creating Learnexa Accounts for Salesforce Users, Option 1’, we showed you how Salesforce users can create a Learnexa Account in Salesforce,... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • New for October 2016

    We’ve got some new features coming out for October! These features give you greater control over profiles, commerce, and reports.


    Turning Off Commerce Features

    Our commerce features just got a lot more flexible. In addition to offering subscriptions, individual pricing, and bundled courses, you now have the ability to... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • Creating Learnexa Accounts for Salesforce Users: Option 1

    Once you’ve set up a Learnexa integration in Salesforce, you’ll want your users to be able to access your learning content. 

    If an existing Salesforce user doesn’t already have a Learnexa account, they can create one from within Salesforce. 

    A custom tab will appear in Salesforce, immediately after completing... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • I Signed Up for a Free Learnexa Learning Site – Now What?

    If you’re evaluating learning platforms, and you signed up for a free seven-day trial of Learnexa, you’ll have had some time to create, enroll in, and play a few courses and events to see if Learnexa is the right learning platform for you. Once you come to the end of... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • New for July 2016

    This month we added some features which will not only give you more control in how you set up your learning site and your course listings, but also more flexibility in how you manage user registration.

    Better Control of Course Listings

    You can now customize your course descriptions with HTML,... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • Automatic User Registration in Learnexa

    Learnexa has made it easier to add users to your learning site with minimal effort on their part. We’ve always given you the ability to upload large batches of users for registration as a way to speed up the registration process. However, we’ve made it even faster by allowing you... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • Collaborate on Course Design and Creation in your Learnexa LMS

    More than an LMS, Learnexa is a collaborative learning platform that not only allows users to interact with one another to enhance their learning experience, but also allows course authors and administrators to work together in the design and creation of web-based training. 

    Collaboration in course creation is useful in... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • Create and Grade Essay Quiz Questions in your Learnexa LMS

    Essay questions are a type of online quiz question that you can create in the Learnexa LMS, where the learner answers an open-ended prompt with a written response. The essay question allows course authors to add a more qualitative element to their assessment. While Learnexa’s other quiz question types (multiple... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • Powerpoint Presentations and Your Online Learning Site

    Though the PowerPoint presentation format isn’t optimized for displaying on the web, you actually can use PowerPoint presentations (and other everyday file types such as Word documents and Excel spreadsheets,) as learning content for online courses that you create in your Learnexa learning site. Below are some tips for getting... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • Sharepoint: Content Management isn’t Learning Management--Why Learnexa is the Solution

    Sharepoint is a powerful CMS, or content management system, but can it really hack it, effectively, for managing and delivering training and learning content? Though it’s not the best solution out there, some people do consider it--but mostly because they already use it for their content management needs. Certainly, If... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • LMS Online Merchandising: Tips for your Learnexa Learning Site

    E-commerce and online merchandising are critical for many learning sites, and though there are many ways to promote and market your online courses and learning events in a learning management system, online merchandising is easier and more effective using the features built into Learnexa’s design. The homepage and catalog are... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • How to Decide if Learnexa is Right for You

    While a demo is a great way to get to know Learnexa, there are a few tools and features available that will also help you decide if it’s right for you.

    1) Free 7-Day Trial

    If you’re ready to get your toes wet, just sign up for Learnexa from the... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • How Many Active Users do I have?

    Because Learnexa’s subscriptions are based on number of active users, you’ll want to track that number to make sure that you’re signed up for the best pricing plan for you. Learnexa keeps you notified of that number, in a few different ways.

    1) Admin Dashboard

    All admins have access to... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • Create an Assessment

    Creating assessments are an important part of training, and Learnexa makes it easy for you to check that your students are accomplishing the learning outcomes for your course. 

    Before creating your first quiz, it’s important to note that quizzes are like other content types in Learnexa, and can be reused... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • Moodle Alternatives: Learnexa

    Moodle alternatives abound on the internet. How can you tell which LMS is the best one for you? In your search for the perfect open source LMS, are you missing out on what could be a better, more all-inclusive solution, like Learnexa? You’ll want to consider the following points before... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • User Interaction - Enable or Disable?

    Learnexa’s social features can be enabled or disabled, depending on your learning site’s needs. For some, it might not make sense to provide open user interaction throughout the entire site, but for others, more interaction will create a more synergistic and engaged community. We’ll run through all the social features... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • Catalog vs Group Catalog

    A content creator can decide which catalog they publish an item to, based on their individual learning site’s needs--the catalog, or group catalogs.

    The Catalog

    When an item is created, it is automatically published to the catalog. Everyone with access to your learning site can see these items when they... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • Resend Activation Email

    When people register to use your learning site, they receive an email with a link they must click to verify their account. What happens if they lose that email, or can't find it? You can easily resend it in just a couple steps.



    1) Navigate to ‘User... Read more Arrow_right_red

  • New for January 2016

    Course Certificates

    Similar to certificates awarded upon completion of a certification, certificates can now be awarded upon the completion of a course. Course certificates are earned once the course is complete, independent of the user achieving any passing scores that may be associated with the course. (If you want certificates... Read more Arrow_right_red